Saturday, March 25, 2017

Corsair releases Vengeance RGB DDR4 Memory

Burning red or nobler blue, corsair makes it sure that Vengeance comes in many shades! Corsair, The renowned maker of PC components and memory products, has just launched Vengeance RGB DDR4 Memory  modules. Rated for high bandwidth performance and compatibility, these new memory modules also feature effortless and exciting RGB lighting for ultimate customization of your gaming rig. Vengeance RGB comes in 16GB, 32Gb and 64GB packages with each module having a capacity of 8GB. It's available in both dual-channel and quad-channel kits.

Corsair claims that these memory modules are highly tuned for assured compatibility with Intel's 7th-gen core Kaby Lake processors and also support the socket LGA 2011v3 based CPUs. The newest AM4 platform, on the other hand is still going through the early optimization phase and it's better to check with the motherboards' QVL (Qualified Vendor List) for any compatibility concern.

We live in a time of illumination as every other piece of hardware comes equipped with some kind of LED lighting. But nothing beats a full range RGB set-up as it's every color at your command! the RGB revolution started with Keyboards and mice, took the motherboard segment by storm and now it's time for the RAM sticks. G.Skill has already taken that route with Trident-Z series and so does corsair now with its famed Vengeance line of memory modules.

The RGB lighting is completely wire-free and you can customize it via Corsair's Link software suite. You also have the option to match the LED colors to your motherboard's scheme with proper firmwire support.

We don't mind having mini Diwali in a PC case as long as it doesn't compromise performance. Speaking of which, the new Vengeance offers bandwidth ranging from 2666MHz to 3000MHz with the later featuring a timing of CL15-17-17-35 which is pretty respectable. All the variants supports Intel XMP 2.0. It's expected that this new series would include higher frequency ranges going forward.

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