Tuesday, April 17, 2012

End draws near for Windows Vista: No more mainstream support

It is easy to forget about Vista - the not so glorious predecessor of Windows 7, in midst of all the hype surrounding the upcoming release of Win-8. But there is still a considerable number of PC users out there who, for various reasons, are still hooked on to this operating system. If you belong to this category then the latest announcement from Microsoft is of significant importance to you. As of April 10, 2012 - Microsoft no longer will provide mainstream support for Vista. Mainstream support includes technical and security updates, automatic fix and patches and other operational supports. But this is not necessarily EOL (End of Life) for Vista as Microsoft offers an extended support for those in need. However, this applies only to the commercial/enterprise customers - not to the retail consumers. This extended support itself will be terminated in 2017 according to Microsoft, making Vista truly a thing of the past (If it's not already for most PC users!).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lucid's new DynamiX software: Striking a balance on the fly?

LucidLogix may not be one of those household names in the industry, but for those among us with a keen interest in computer graphics and gaming, it certainly has earned a reputation of being an innovative and improvising entity. It's not like that there is any shortage in the numbers of companies or outfits providing graphics solutions, on the contrary - it's a very competitive market. There is a good number of graphics chip designers and manufacturers, AIB partners, OEMs and system builders competing for market share; Lucid, however, doesn't fit to any of these categories and yet delivers novel and elegant (at least theoretically) solutions for practical problems. So, when I read about Lucid laying its Hydra engine to an untimely rest - it felt kind of disappointing and anticlimactic since the concept behind Hydra was quite revolutionary. But it seems like Lucid is back once again with another impressive concept, which, just like Hydra, has the potential to shake things up quite a bit. Lucid calls it DynamiX!