Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blogger's Diary: 5 Christmas movies that I'll watch

I can’t think of a better way to spend my winter vacation than watching some great movies with my family and friends. While I can’t share my media collection with you online (some people going – really?!), I can sure let you in for a sneak-peek of my favorite top 5 Christmas movies. Considering the number of fine movies that I’ve amassed over the years – it’s hard to choose only five! I’ll give it a try never the less. Please remember that the emphasis here is on Christmas and the choices are highly personal. Also, start with no.5 and then move upwards :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas to you all :)

Christmastime is finally here! Being from a part of the world where summer and monsoon run a very convenient duopoly throughout the year, I've always cherished the winter time. I often consider myself gifted in the art of  finding good excuses to not to work and winter vacation has yet to fail me in this regard! For me Christmas is the biggest congregation of favorable conditions. This the time of the year when I commit myself  into all shorts of atrocities that otherwise won't go unpunished! I can eat staggering amount of cakes and cookies, buy utterly useless things or even go wild with my hardware and still get away with it - such is the spirit of Christmas! Take the incident from last year for example, when I ran some crazy amount of voltage through my now venerable i7 920 (Bloomfield, D0 stepping) for a suicidal 4.2GHz on air! Now that I look back at the whole event, I can't help feeling that it was the combined effect of Christmas and an idle brain that had put me up it. And the fact that my Nehalem survived that peril is a miracle in itself! These are situations where people find religion; for me, I was lucky enough to find my Noctua NH-D14!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Do SSDs improve your FPS? The answer is still NO!

Modern PC games are getting hungrier for resources each year. A gamer is known to the fact and as such often willing to walk the extra mile in order to get the extra performance out of his/her PC. While upgrading to a faster graphics card based on a newer GPU architecture provides the most surefire way of getting more in form of FPS, moving to a faster CPU or even a specialized network solution often boosts gaming performance. But whether or not an SSD (Solid state Drive) can be perceived as a potential upgrade for a gamer has remained a debatable topic over the years! If you ask the question to a manufacturer/vendor, they would possibly tell you that SSDs are the best thing that could happen to a gamer; but in reality things aren’t that simple! From time to time we have seen benchmarks clearly proving that games for the most part don’t benefit from SSDs. The latest dataset in this regard comes from HardOCP and goes inline with our prior observations!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition: The Dark Dreadnought!

Right now if you are looking for the ultimate performance in a desktop system, your options are quite limited. With AMD not pursuing the performance crown anymore, Intel is left battling itself for quite sometimes in the high-end enthusiast segment. So when it comes down to choosing a platform for your next HEDT (High-End Desktop) build, it’s either Intel’s mainstream socket LGA1150 or the higher-end socket LGA2011. With the later, you will not only get the chance to opt for Intel’s 6core/12thread Ivy Bridge-E CPUs but you’ll also encounter some of the finest (and largest!) samples of motherboard engineering. Take a look on the new Rampage IV Black Edition and you'll know what I'm talking about!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

AMD launches A10-6790K: A new APU for socket FM2

While we are all waiting for Kaveri - the core-architecture that will drive AMD’s next-gen APUs, it seems that the firm isn’t quite done with its current line-up. So here comes A10-6790K – the newest member in AMD’s Richland family of APUs. Designated for socket FM2, this new model comes with a base clock frequency of 4.0GHz that can reach up to 4.3GHz in turbo mode.