Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Dear friends, have you been feeling a bit strange and creepy lately? I mean more than what you usually do? Is there something bothering you besides the design of the new Mac-pro and price of 4K IPS panels? Is it about that sudden chill you felt in your spine as shadows grew longer and softer and finally subsided into the spooky darkness of a late autumn evening? If so, then don't be too surprised as it's that time of the year again! It's "Halloween" a.k.a "All Hallows' Eve" and you're supposed to see and feel things tonight without people raising questions about your mental state. Isn't that just great! So, don't be afraid to be scared as a good scare nowadays is a rare thing, even rarer than a good overclock from a Haswell chip!

A computer enthusiast is afraid of many things but no matter how odd it may sound, there are other scares in this world besides Windows-8 UI and AMD's reference GPU coolers! As someone has already put it in a better way - 'There are more things in Hardware and Software, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your smartphone.' Yes, we're talking about the others, the frighteners or Etherlords if you will!

Anyway, for those of you who have an equal appetite for candy and coolants, here are a few pointers on Trick-o-treating. If you're planning on raiding a neighborhood that's pretty 'Terra-incognita', try to take candies from the folks who live in their houses rather than those who "used to", if you catch my drift! Also, try not to knock too many times on an inconspicuous looking door, a few good smacks are enough unless of-course the residents are in a rather deep slumber and in that case you don't want to wake them up, believe me! And for the love of your favorite RPG tittle, never follow a complete stranger who promises to take you to a 'helluva' LAN party in some 'other' part of the town. Not because he's lying or something, but for the simple fact that he might be stating the truth quite literally! You're better off spending the night playing Dead-space-3 within the secure confinement of your LAN club. Just don't forget to reserve a few seats for some late night arrivals!

A word of warning to any Apple enthusiast out there with a penchant for Planchette. Don't even think about it man! He simply won't answer any question regarding development of future i-devices. You have a better chance of making Moses talk about Tablets than him. If you don't believe us, go ahead and ask Google!

And finally, try not to drink too much Kool-Aid and stay clear of weeds and mushrooms too. Remember, this is the one night of the year when you can see things without the effects of such hallucinogens!

Once again, happy Halloween and stay safe as lots of good stuffs are coming pretty soon :)

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